Duathfel, or “Fire City” is an upcoming mod for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  

The mod takes place in a large Dwarven complex situated far to the North, in a cavern underneath the Sea of Ghosts.

The North being so bitter cold, the Dwemer dug far enough to reach warmer depths, deep within the rock.


Duathfel Voice Cast

The Duathfel team is very pleased to announce the final selection of our voice actors and actresses.  First, we would like to thank everyone who expressed interest in lending their voice talents to the Duathfel project.  We were both thrilled and humbled at the quantity and quality of auditions we received to our casting call…

Merry Christmas!

Wow, what a tumultuous year it has been.  2020 certainly has been a historic year, marked primarily by the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Like many, our team has faced many challenges in our personal lives.  We’ve quarantined, lost our jobs, started new jobs, and one of us wrecked our car, to name a few.  Sadly, some…

Mystic Sculptures

We’re working on some new assets including a Dwemer sculptural face. During the development of Duathfel, many new meshes and textures have been used to evoke your emotions. From flora and clutter to furniture and architecture; we have several new assets made and in use, and plan to create more as the team grows. Click…


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The Duathfel Team is Recruiting!

Thanks to our talented writing team, we are making excellent progress with the story and dialogue, but there is still so much to do! We are looking for talented individuals who can help produce work at a high level of quality. All applicants should fill out this form:

We will contact you within a week after your application. Feel free to join us on the Duathfel Discord Server to talk with the team, ask questions about recruiting, and see our progress.

There are many opportunities to help including, but not necessarily limited to the following areas:

Voice Acting:

We are looking for talented voice actors to bring life to the characters of Duathfel. For the prologue, we are looking to voice the five main characters: Alaxian-Tei, Oolag, Finrun, Katreen, and Jeish-Ri. These positions will have a significant number of lines. We are planning for the for the voice actors and actresses who play the main characters to reprise their roles in the main release. (This will require additional recording at a later date.)

Other minor characters are available, with significantly less lines.

The casting call and more information regarding voice acting can be found here:


Duathfel is not currently looking for writers at this time.

Quest Implementation and Scripting:

Our writing department is hard at work crafting the quests and dialogue of Duathfel. We are looking for people who understand the ins and outs of quest design, the dialogue editor, and scripting. Your responsibilities will be to help translate our writing department’s story into a workable quest. You will also be responsible for linking voice files to the appropriate lines of dialogue in the Creation Kit.

Previous Creation Kit experience using the quest, dialogue, and script systems is required.

Asset Creation:

We are looking to include a variety of assets such as custom clothing, armor, weapons, creatures, automatons, static set pieces, and clutter into Duathfel. In addition to 3D models, we are looking for texture artists who can help give Duathfel a distinct feel. Models and textures will need to match or exceed the level of quality found in Skyrim SE.

Potential applicants should have experience creating assets for Skyrim or a comparable game and be able to provide examples of your work. Familiarity with the Elder Scrolls’ Dwemer style is a plus.


With custom assets comes the need for new animations. From swaying underground mushrooms to new Dwemer automatons, we are looking for skilled individuals who can breath life into polygons. You will work closely with the asset creators to implement the necessary animations. If interested, please be prepared to share examples of your work.

Music & FX:

Music Composition: Trent Moriarty is composing the score for Duathfel. We are not looking for additional composers at this time.

Music Performance: If you are a musician who is interested in performing and recording for the Duathfel soundtrack, please send an email with samples of your playing to trentmoriartymusic@gmail.com.

Foley Effects: We are looking for Foley artists to help create new, unique sounds for Duathfel. Please contact the team for more information on how you can help. Be prepared to share samples of your work.

Concept Art:

While we do not currently have a significant need for concept artists, there may be opportunities for talented individuals to contribute. As a concept artist, you would assist model and texture artists in creating the look of new assets and areas for Duathfel. You may also work on creating art for in-game use, such as in book illustrations or wall frescoes.

All artists interested in applying should be prepared to share a portfolio of their work. Previous work on a mod or other video game project is a plus.

Other Opportunities:

If you want to help, but feel you lack the artistic skill or creation kit experience to do so, there may be other opportunities for you to volunteer. For example, Navmeshing is an important part of the development process and can be completed with very little Creation Kit experience and training. Editing voice recordings into individual named files is another area that requires a lot of help. Let us know in the application if this sounds like something you would be willing to do.

Portfolio / Example Work:

In order to ensure a consistent level of quality, please be prepared to share examples of your work when submitting an application.